WPR Parkrun Championship WK11

It was the penultimate week and our WPR champions did not shy from the dress up challenge.

PBs for David Owens, Gary Martin, Nathanial McMahon and Paul Fitchie.

Congratulations to the those who hit milestones, Elaine Boyd, Joanne Larkin, Lorna Thrush, Mark Anderson and Patricia Rollins.

Nathanial McMahon and Mark Anderson are top of the leaderboard, followed closely by Lorna Thrush and Elaine Boyd.

Table Week 11

This Saturday is the final and there are the following bonuses  up for grabs:

Christmas dress up 20 points, sprint finish 20 points and group photo 20 points

All photos submitted to Spond from the event will be entered into a competition on our WPR members page on Facebook and the pic with most likes will win 50 bonus points!